Antenatal care, also known as prenatal care is the healthcare support to a female while she is pregnant. It helps make sure that the mother and the unborn baby are as well as possible throughout pregnancy. Chandrama Maternity Home has the best doctor for pregnancy checkups in Nashik.

Antenatal care decreases the risk during pregnancy and increases the chances of a safe and healthy delivery. It involves regular gynecologist visits that help the doctor monitor the pregnancy and identify any problems or complications before they become serious. Lack of antenatal care triples the chances of the birth of a baby with low birth weight, which can even lead to the death of the newborn child.

What is antenatal care?

Once the pregnancy is confirmed the gynecologist schedules the antenatal appointments that a female would need during the pregnancy.

The antenatal care throughout pregnancy depends on the:

  • The health of the mother and the associated risk to the mother and the child.
  • The stage of pregnancy
  • The problems experienced by the pregnant female.

What happens during antenatal appointments?

Antenatal appointments are scheduled, as they allow the doctor and the healthcare team to help the mother and the baby stay healthy. Even if a female is feeling well and there is no discomfort, attending to them is very important. The female is informed about the progress of the pregnancy, and the changes that one would undergo during each trimester. You are even educated on how to take care of the baby after birth.

During the appointments, the doctor checks, do scans and tests, and discuss certain important issues such as:

  • The due date of delivering the child, the trimester going on, and the changes that you could experience.
  • Discuss medical history, general health, and previous pregnancies.
  • About any medication going on and whether they are safe to be continued during pregnancy
  • Ensure a pap test is done
  • Ensuring that mental health is fine and that there is no depression and anxiety symptom.
  • Measuring the weight gain
  • Advice is given on how to take care of self and the baby after delivery
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